Top 10 Work from Home Jobs in India that pay well

The global pandemic has significantly increased the trend of working from home. As of April 2020, over half of American workers were working remotely, per a poll conducted by freelance marketplace Upwork. Approximately 50% of recruiting managers used remote talent prior to the COVID-19 epidemic. That has already reached 94 percent. For those who would want to work from home and reap the rewards, this is wonderful news.

This post will examine 10 remote-hiring jobs, several of which include entry-level opportunities.

1. Online instructor/mentor

The average annual compensation for a tutor nationwide is $61,820. You can think about working as an online instructor or tutor if you have extensive expertise in a certain area and like imparting your knowledge.

Almost anything may be taught, such as computer languages, affiliate marketing, graphic design, and operating an online store or e-commerce company. You can even choose the more conventional path of tutoring or teaching a language to pupils.

To become a tutor, you don’t need to have any particular qualifications, but you do need to have a lot of expertise in the subject you’re teaching. Via tutoring or freelance sites, you can search for online tutoring jobs. You’ll be working from home, therefore you need to know how to use basic computer functions, including Zoom.

2. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best non-investment work-from-home careers, as opposed to creating your own website. A lot of people make tens of thousands of dollars through blogging. One of the greatest free online jobs you can perform from home only requires basic writing skills. For many others, blogging has become the means of realizing their goals. You may earn a lot of money by building a paid or free website.

Your first blog post can be about anything you’re interested in as long as you write something very good and put it up on your website.

3. Content Writer

As the name implies, this sector is for anybody who is passionate about penning incredible blog posts and articles on a variety of subjects, including fashion, lifestyle, science & technology, and more. The main benefits of this work include revitalizing content, improving website rankings, enhancing brand recognition, etc. In India, these experts are often paid an average of Rs. 2 LPA. The maximum, nevertheless, may go over 6 LPA.


The income details are as follows:

Typing Work Average Payment Daily work Earnings daily
Form Filling $1 – $2 1-4Hours $2 -$8
Content Writing Rs. 0.20 2000-5000 Words $6 -$14
Simple Text Typing Rs. 10 – Rs.15 30 Pages $6 – $8
Data Entry Work Rs. 50 – Rs.200 hourly 4-5 Hours $3 – $14
Ad Copywriting Rs. 0.75 per word 1K-2K Words $8 – $20
Audio To Text Rs. 150 – Rs.300 / Hour 3-4 Hours $7 – $13
Translation Typing Rs. 100 – Rs.200 for one Page 10 Pages $15 – $25
Proof-Reading Rs. 200 – Rs.500 / Hour 2-3 Hours $6 – $20

4. Computer Support Specialist

Pay for a computer support specialist: $51,722

Nine percent of jobs are expected to expand (as quickly as average). Computer support professionals assist people and organizations with the setup and upkeep of their computers, software, and networks. They are often referred to as computer technicians or IT support specialists. Customers may contact computer support professionals by chat, email, phone, and remote help software.

5. Virtual Assistant

The average annual compensation for a virtual assistant throughout the country is $39,680. Virtual assistants are experts in providing administrative support remotely, usually from their homes. This involves managing social media, arranging appointments, entering data, writing and editing emails, and handling bookkeeping.

With lots of earning possibilities, it makes a fantastic side gig or perhaps a full-time career. All you need is a high school degree and an internet connection to work as a virtual assistant.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is among the greatest and most popular choices for work-from-home careers that may bring in a healthy salary. It’s likely that you’ve heard about this innovative way to make money.

In affiliate marketing, you are required to promote other people’s products on their behalf in return for a commission on each sale. Affiliate marketing’s reach has expanded significantly due to the growing popularity of internet purchasing.

You may join a number of online shops these days, such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Commission Junction, and others, to promote their items and earn substantial revenue. must enroll in a digital marketing school in Jaisalmer to have comprehensive knowledge of affiliate marketing. Even the SEO training center in Jaipur offers courses that will help you become an SEO analyst.

7. Freelancing

Freelancers are independent contractors that provide a range of services to customers. Depending on the type of work, you will be paid per job or per hour. Writing, virtual assistant, graphic design, bookkeeping, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and bookkeeping are just a few of the different kinds of freelancing employment available. The greatest perk is that you get the rewards of having a career and a business. An astounding amount of money, almost 19 lacs INR, is what freelancers in India make on average, according to a survey conducted by a large corporation. Nonetheless, in order to guarantee a steady stream of revenue, one must initially be persistent and determined.

8. Sales Representative

The typical annual income for sales professionals is $48,937.
If you enjoy interacting with people and have good customer service abilities, you can work as an online sales representative. One of your responsibilities will be to record client data, including addresses and phone numbers.

After that, your employer will utilize this data to contact the client again for individualized or future marketing. In order to accomplish the business goals of the firm, you could be required to collaborate with project managers as a member of the sales team.

9. Graphic Designer

The creations of digital art are equally as intriguing as those of conventional paintings and drawings, and it is more widely used. Those with an eye for novel color combinations and a creative sketching aptitude become excellent graphic designers. One of the finest work-from-home occupations is creating artwork for websites, video game companies, and retail establishments since it allows you to do what you love. Since companies pay top prices to have excellent logos developed for their corporate identities, you may also work as a logo designer.

10. Programmer

It’s possible that the majority of you are aware of this industry, which provides rapid growth. To acquire an advantage over your competitors, familiarise yourself with a variety of computer languages and scripts. Start making money right now by learning to programme. For applicants, this profession’s main selling point is that it provides comparatively faster development than other fields. And believe me, not all streams allow for this kind of growth.

This classic profession continues to be among the highest-paying positions in history. If you have an advantage over other candidates, the monthly payment might be anything from ten thousand to lacs.

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