Overview and Curriculum of the Program:

For those who are interested in the Master’s Degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD) has good news for them. As the American University of Caribbean School of Medicine also known as AUC School of Medicine has partnered up with the University of Central Lancashire also called UCLan is offering the MD Program (Doctor of Medicine) which you can enroll by two different methods. Qualified students can get their medical degree even with the partial education in the UK (United Kingdom) with some clinical rotation in the UK OR US (United States).

  1. Graduate Entry for the Non-US citizen students (with a Bachelor’s Degree):

This method is for those students who are already holding a Bachelor’s Degree and who want to pursue their studies in the medical courses. This Program is for interested students with Bachelor degrees who can master the clinical skills to practice medicine. They have to get the AUC’s standard medical science program by completing the Post Graduate Diploma in International Medical Science from UCLan, which is equivalent to the degree of American University of Caribbean School of Medicine. After that, the Student must proceed to the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Stage-1. This is a total of 4-year programs.


  1. Undergraduate entry for Non-US citizen students (without Bachelor Degree):

This pathway is for those students who don’t have any bachelor’s degree yet they seek to apply for the Medical Course program in the given medical degree program. For this, they have to complete UCLan’s 2-year BSc (Hons) in a medical science degree program which is also recognized by AUC.

So, Students who successfully graduate from their BSc (Hons) at 2.1 or above credit score will be able to complete their AUC’s medical science program, which will be starting at 3rd year. After successfully completing the AUC’s Medical science program, they must proceed to USMLE Stage-1 and the clinical science portion of the program. Student who goes by this method will be able to complete their Medical Degree in Five and Half Year.

Availability of Scholarships:

For those who are seeking the opportunity of Scholarship, the AUC School of Medicine’s International Scholarship is available for those applicants who are permanent residents or citizens of the country outside the Canada or United States. The details of the Scholarship are given below:

  • From semesters 1-5, $5000 will be given for the tuition fees.
  • From semester 6-10, the award will be $6000.
  • The given above amount will be Renewable for the standard period of the timeline (10 semesters) of studies at the AUC School of Medicine only.
  • Students can earn a maximum amount of up to $55,000 which will be based on their continuous eligibility requirement. And the amount will be paid in US Dollars only.

Eligibility Criteria:

There are several eligibility requirements which a student have to follow if they successfully want to earn the Scholarship which is the following:

  • As mentioned earlier, only students, who are Permanent residents/Citizens of Countries outside the United States and Canada, will be awarded the scholarship.
  • Students who possess Dual US-Canadian citizenship, are not eligible for the given scholarship.
  • Both sophomores first-semester and Transfer students are qualified to get the scholarship.
  • The candidate must maintain their satisfactory academic progress for continued eligibility, so they can cover all their tuition fees over the course of their degree.
  • The applicant must possess an Undergraduate Degree (Bachelor’s Level Degree).
  • For the Scholarship to be awarded, the applicant must possess their offer letter of admission to the AUC School of Medicine.
  • If a transfer student is accepted, scholarship eligible, and even granted the advanced standing, then their maximum scholarship amount will depend on their semester placement.

How to Qualify:

The process is simple as the given scholarship will be awarded to qualified students during the enrollment procedure. This will be done after the submission of a complete application to the AUC School of Medicine.

Supporting Documents:

  1. A Personal Statement should be given with no longer than 750 words.
  2. Letter of Recommendation: One letter from an individual academic professor who taught you and one professional letter.
  3. Educational/Employment/ History: CV or Resume which should be in a chronological order from educational to employment and volunteer experience.
  4. Transcripts: The official transcripts from previous school and college should be directed to the AUC School of Medicine. If the applicant doesn’t have the original copy of Transcript, then they should provide the Notarized copies of the original Transcript.

So, if you are eager to apply for this opportunity then timely collect your documents and go for it. And, if you have any more queries, then visit their official website where you will find the additional information regarding this medical course program.

NOTE: If you have any queries and want more information about this program, please visit https://uk.aucmed.edu



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