Data Entry Jobs: Types, Benefits, Websites, Popularity

What are Data Entry Jobs?

Simple as they are, data entry work may get monotonous and repetitive. The majority of the job is done from home, however, you might also need to go into the office sometimes. Since data entry work is usually done online and in a virtual office, physical presence at any one place during the workday is not necessary. If you have a computer and internet connection, you are more than eligible for many data entry tasks, which don’t require any education or experience.

Types of Data Entry Jobs

Simple Data Entry

You start with simple data input.
This kind of work entails entering data into a text document—typically Microsoft Word—and transforming text or figures from PDFs into editable documents.

Data Cleaning

In this form of data entry work, a data expert will be provided with a large dataset, as the name implies. You have a duty as a data expert to delete certain data from the database. The data set may be contained in a word processing or Excel document.

Word Processing

Word processing is a significantly higher skill level in the data entry industry.
Frequently, requirements might range from writing letters to distributing data and reports. Important standards for word processing consist of:

  • Outstanding vocabulary and grammar
  • The ability to make charts, graphs, and tables

Online survey format

Companies need to enter this kind of data when they want feedback on a particular service or product. You will receive an online survey questionnaire from the firm, which you must complete with your responses. Completing a questionnaire might take anywhere from five to twenty minutes.

Jobs in Data Formatting

Currently, the majority of the jobs that we have looked at so far just involve using the data that already exists.
The next level of freelancer can take it a step further and challenge, modify, or alter that data to make it more advantageous for your company.

Best Data Entry Sites


The greatest website for freelancers to find data entry jobs online is Fiverr. Fiverr is the ideal place for you if you want to advance your profession in data entry.

You must first register for a free account on Fiverr and fill it up with information about your background, experiences, abilities, and area of expertise—data entry operator. You will be hired based on this information, therefore all of them must be accurate.


With over 25 million registered job searchers and over 2 million positions, FlexJobs is the largest online employment marketplace. They provide a specific data entry component as well as a range of remote job options.

However, like with any valuable service, there is a charge to have unrestricted access to their website.

People Per Hour

There are moments when you wait until the last minute to recruit a data analyst. For such moments, see People Per Hour.

They provide alternatives for any budget and have software development experts from all over the world. You may go through the portfolios and resumes of freelance data analysts to select one whose experience matches the requirements of your project. The best aspect is that there’s a good chance you’ll locate a data analysis expert who can do your copy/paste job or online research quickly.


Scribie is a platform that provides clients with transcribing services, either manually or automatically. A hand transcriber is hired in order to achieve 99% accuracy, while automated transcription only achieves 80% accuracy. As a Scribie transcriber, your goal is to surpass their automatic transcript projects’ 60% accuracy rate to 99% accuracy.

Amazon Mechanic Turk (MTurk)

Through the crowdsourcing platform Amazon Mechanic Turk (MTurk), individuals may complete “Human Intelligent Tasks” for different requesters. Data input is the most common work on MTurk, making it ideal for this list’s objectives.

Benefits of Data Entry Jobs

Adaptable Work Schedule

The freedom to choose your own hours and work whenever you want without sacrificing quality is one of the main advantages that a data entry job may provide for everybody. If you don’t want to, you are not required to work every day. Any task that works with your schedule and plan can be worked on.

Enhanced precision

Accuracy is one of the main advantages of automating your data entry. Many of the mistakes that might happen when data is input manually can be avoided by automating data entry.

Possibility Of Growth

Working in this industry can help you acquire abilities that will enhance your professional life. Even if you are a remote worker without experience, you may still advance in your career.

Enhanced quality of data

You may enhance the general quality of your data by automating your data entry. This is due to the fact that automated methods can guarantee that your data is regularly input and formatted correctly.

According to Forbes, the profitability of any organization is significantly impacted by poor data quality, which is why automating entry is crucial.

No Stress

Even as a novice, data entry jobs are among the ones you may perform easily and stress-free. They do away with the demanding schedule of a typical 9–5 employment. You should ideally be working on your terms and at your own pace.

Additionally, if you are currently working and don’t want a job that will interfere with your existing employment, you can investigate this route to generate a passive income.

Skills Required For Data Entry Jobs

Speed of Typing

Should you have never taken a typing course in your academic career, you may not be familiar with the phrase “touch type.” The ability to type on a computer keyboard without glancing down at your hands or the keys is referred to as this.

Knowledge of necessary software

The majority of workers who enter data for their organization do it using a spreadsheet or specialized software.

Typing Precision

Typing swiftly is useless if one cannot also type properly at the same time. Accuracy and efficiency are two key requirements for any work-from-home data entry job.


Data entry specialists frequently provide information that is needed by other staff members for record-keeping, report creation, and analysis. To make sure that everyone who utilizes the information understands it, it is essential to communicate the material clearly both orally and in writing.

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