Customer Service Jobs That Pay Well

The field of customer service is broad and expanding swiftly. Working in customer service gives you the chance to develop skills that are transferable to practically any business, with employment accessible at each and every experience level and many prospects for growth.

There are many high-paying customer service jobs available, regardless of whether you have experience in the field or are seeking a career move that would allow you to earn a particular income.

Lucrative positions in customer service

Here seem to be 14 customer service positions that pay far more than minimum wage to assist you in finding the ideal opportunity.

1. The bank teller

$36,120 per year is the national average salary.

primary obligations: Bank tellers assist customers with managing financial transactions while working for banks and credit unions. They are accountable for inviting clients and assisting with stores, moves, withdrawals, cash requests, and checks to cash. They must also control ATMs, count the cash, record deposit slips, and keep track of balances.

Companies with this position: Santander, Citi, Wells Fargo

2. Call center Representative

$35,723 is the average yearly wage in the country.

primary obligations: An inbound and outbound call center representative normally works for a contact center or telemarketing company. They are tasked with executing call scripts, figuring out what customers need, looking into problems, and offering quick fixes. Additionally, representatives might be in charge of making recommendations and upselling.

Internal Revenue Service, United Health Group, and Everise are companies with this role.

3. Medical Receptionist

$38,580 per year is the national average salary.

primary obligations: Medical receptionists perform clerical tasks such as welcoming and checking in patients, making appointments, providing appointment reminders, and other clerical tasks for hospitals, clinics, and private offices. They could also help with data input, bookkeeping, and payment processes.

Employers with this role include University Hospitals, Pediatric Associates, and Epiphany Dermatology.

4. Flight attendant

$41,719 per year is the national average salary.
Both business and confidential aircraft utilize airline stewards. They are in charge of introducing themselves to passengers, assisting them in finding their seats, helping to stow carry-on luggage, assuring safety compliance via safety gear demonstrations, serving food and drinks throughout the flight, and giving instructions in case of emergencies. They assist in cleaning the cabin in between flights and testing emergency equipment.

American Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines are companies that have this role.

5. Receptionist

$46,661 per year is the national average salary.

primary obligations: Receptionists typically work at front desks for a range of businesses. They welcome customers, respond to inquiries, record grievances, and assist in directing clients to the best staff or department for their needs. Moreover, they are accountable for doing light regulatory errands like printing, duplicating, and documenting as well as dealing with calls. They could likewise be expected to enroll visitors and issue guest security identifications.

H&R Block, Back Office Betties, and Abby Connect are employers with this role.

6. Account coordinator

National average yearly wage: $43,336

primary obligations: A senior client services employee, such as account executives and account managers, receives administrative support from an account coordinator, who frequently works for a marketing firm. They are responsible for obligations like drafting and recording arrangements and other lawful papers, keeping up with inside information bases, organizing gatherings, and making account execution reports.

Anthem Inc., Mission Lane, and 3Q Digitial are companies with this role.

7. Customer service expert

The average yearly wage in the country is $43,956.

primary obligations: Specialists in client relations represent a variety of business models and are typically in charge of guaranteeing ongoing client satisfaction. They may answer the phone, email, or in-person client inquiries, conduct client satisfaction surveys, address online customer reviews, and compile client input to support business improvements.

Companies with this position: University of Utah Hospital, Southern Illinois Healthcare, and Splunk

8. Concierge

$48,432 per year is the national average salary.

primary obligations: A concierge normally works at the front desk of a hotel or resort where they are hired. They greet visitors, confirm reservations, give tours of the amenities, and make sure visitors have everything they need for a happy stay. A concierge can also answer questions from visitors, recommend places to eat and watch movies, and make reservations for activities, transportation, and restaurants.

Employers with this role include KPMG, Bozzuto, and Marriott International.

9. Patient coordinator

$44,629 per year is the national average salary.

primary obligations: Hospitals and long-term care facilities frequently employ patient coordinators. They consult with patients and family members to plan their care and educate them about various procedures, drugs, and therapies. Throughout the course of the patient’s care, patient care coordinators keep in touch with the patient and their families, assess the results, and report them.

PT Solutions Physical Therapy, Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy, and Hartford Healthcare are employers with this position.

10. Service consultant

$43,336 is the yearly average pay in the nation.

primary obligations: A service advisor typically works for an auto dealership service department and serves as the go-between for clients and repair personnel. They check in automobiles, set up maintenance and service sessions, and inform customers of vehicle problems and expected turnaround times for repairs. They may also handle administrative tasks, conduct financial transactions, and make reservations for rental automobiles.

Companies with this role include Toyota, Big Brand Tire & Service, and Hendrick Automotive Group.

11. Member services Representative

$55,503 annually is the average wage nationwide.

primary obligations: Typically, a member services representative works for a bank, insurance provider, health club, or other membership-based business. They are responsible for welcoming guests, taking calls, handling inquiries and complaints, providing senior staff with guest feedback, and educating members on the organization’s perks, rules, and procedures. They could also be in charge of executing financial transactions and up-or cross-selling services.

Companies with this role include TowneBank, VMware, and YMCA.

12. Help desk analyst

$54,314 per year is the national average salary.

primary obligations: A help desk analyst is a member of the IT staff who assists clients or internal users (such as coworkers) in resolving hardware and software-related problems. They can respond to inquiries made by phone, email, live support software, or in person. Additionally, they could assist with software updates, security compliance, and setting up new equipment.

Companies with this role include SAIC, By Light Professional IT Services, and General Dynamics Information Technology.

13. Client services manager

$56,308 per year is the national average salary.
primary obligations: The customer and the customer service team are connected by a client services manager. These experts are responsible for managing all customer satisfaction initiatives, responding to client inquiries and complaints, and attempting to satisfy each client completely. They could also be in charge of leading a group of customer support agents.

PwC, RSM, and APR Insurance Careers are companies that have this position.

14. Technical support agent

$43,336 is the yearly average pay in the nation.

primary obligations: On behalf of cable and internet providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, or both, technical support employees frequently operate remotely or in contact centers. They are in charge of responding to technical inquiries from customers via chat, email, or phone. These experts are responsible for assessing, debugging, and resolving technical difficulties as well as for deciding the best course of action. Additionally, they might deal with consumer transactions like purchases and returns.

Kelly Services, Sherwin-Williams, and HP are employers with this role.

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