20 Best Affiliate Programs in India

Do you wish to properly monetize your website? Today, working with well-known companies through affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative options. So how do you start an affiliate marketing business? Learn about the best affiliate marketing platforms, get exclusive access to specials tailored specifically for your audience, and manage and expand your business’s marketing initiatives.

What Are the Steps in Affiliate Marketing?

It’s essential for beginners to understand how affiliate marketing works before learning about the best affiliate marketing platform. When an affiliate signs up with a platform, they are given a unique link to use for any product they choose to highlight on their blog or website. If the user clicks on this link and then makes a purchase, cookies can be used to track that information. The affiliate receives a predetermined commission if they do so within a predetermined time range. The commission rates vary for each platform.

Different Affiliate Program Types

It would be excellent if you considered these important issues before enrolling in the top affiliate programs in India in 2022:

  • You must take into account the locations or mediums on which your target market spends the majority of its time and money.
  • To make sure you understand the correct annoyances of this industry, the sort of affiliate program is crucial.
  • To understand what motivates your target audience to choose a certain product or service, conduct a thorough analysis of their likes and preferences.

Here are the main categories of affiliate programs in India:

1. Coupon Platforms

For more expensive goods and services, people always welcome a sale or even a discount. Therefore, collaborating with discount platforms is a fantastic technique for some of the top affiliate programs in India in 2022 to gain. In this manner, you may entice your audience and draw in a fresh demographic while also determining whether discounts and coupons increase sales.

2. Examine websites and applications

Another crucial sort of affiliate program is review platforms if your goods and services are more frequently found on review websites or if your target market regularly reads reviews. These might be simple websites or applications that incorporate information and, in a sense, solicit public feedback on goods and services. You may certainly approach such review websites to collaborate on an affiliate review of your goods and services to see if it offers you any advantages.

3. Social media influencers

You may also promote your goods or services via social media influencer marketing by positioning yourself as an expert and in-demand kind for the best affiliate programs in India. Finding influencers that operate in the same industry as your business is crucial. They may then use their following to assist you in reaching your intended audience. When using social media influencer marketing, start out slowly to determine if your goods or services are popular, and then pick up the pace as needed.

4. Search Affiliates

Search affiliates will offer you to pay them to appear higher in platform searches based on the concept of paid advertising. Ads on social media are comparable, but with this form of affiliate marketing, you have reliable individuals endorsing you.

5. Email Marketing

These days, email marketing is a rather subtle and cutting-edge marketing tactic. Nowadays, businesses use email to promote themselves rather than to offer their goods and services directly. While utilizing emails for marketing, use caution when sending them out frequently and ensure that the material is clear, attention-grabbing, and time-based.

20 Top Affiliate Programs for 2022

1. Amazon Associates

The greatest affiliate marketing platform for newbies is this one since you don’t have to worry about hitting a set sales volume to earn a bigger commission. Its commission structure is flat-rate.

  • Cookie Duration: 24 hours
  • Minimum Payment: INR 2500
  • Signing Amount: None

What Makes Amazon Associates the Best Option?

  • Both the application fee and the signing fee are waived.
  • It offers a commission for each new item someone you suggest buys (even if they do not purchase the exact product you linked to).
  • There are many different product categories and specializations to pick from because it encompasses everything offered on the Amazon website.com.
  • 1% to 10% on average as commission

2. Awin

Affiliate Window was the previous name for Awin Awin. It is the premier platform for affiliate marketing and claims over 13,000 advertisers. To create links, an affiliate marketer must submit an application to network advertising merchants.

  • 380 INR approximately (only reimbursed if you are authorized) as a signing fee
  • Cookie lifetime: varying (decided by the advertisers)
  • Minimum Payout: Approximately Rs. 1500.

Why Choose Awin, you ask?

  • For practically every market area, it offers marketing of various physical and digital items.
  • The average commission rate and cookie length are set by the advertisers. There is, therefore, a lot of opportunity to earn a lot of money.

3. Flipkart Affiliate

It is one of India’s biggest and finest platforms for affiliate marketing. With real-time reports, the platform offers insights into the effectiveness of referral connections. For showcasing Flipkart items on your website or app, this free affiliate network provides a number of affiliate tools, including widgets, banners, and APIs.

  • Amount Signed: None
  • Cookie Duration: one day
  • INR 25,000 Minimum Payment Threshold

What Makes Flipkart Affiliate the Best Option?

  • All of the items on the Flipkart website are available through Flipkart Affiliate.
  • The typical commission is between 6% and 20%.

4. Reseller Club

For those seeking a quick source of passive income in India, Reseller Club is the best option because it is simple to earn at least Rs. 2,000 for each referral. It is among the best-paying affiliate programs and is simple to use.

  • Amount Signed: None
  • Cookie Validity: The cookie is valid for 60 days and is based on the last click.
  • 50 INR is the minimum payment threshold.

The Benefits of Reseller Club

  • Payout methods are many and include direct bank transfers and PayPal.
  • A 50 INR minimum payment sum.

5. BigRock Affiliate

The greatest affiliate marketing platform in India is BigRock. It provides email hosting and digital certificates in addition to being a well-known domain registration and website hosting business. The BigRock Affiliate network includes the Bluehost affiliate program.

  • Amount Signed: None
  • Cookie lifecycle: 60 days
  • Minimum Payment: 3200 INR

Why Pick BigRock, you ask?

  • The minimum commission rate is Rs 30. You may earn up to INR 10,000 for every sale, and they can account for up to 30% of each transaction.
  • Offers a fantastic assortment of banners.

6. ClickBank

The platform provides a variety of physical and digital items to connect to your content. It leans more toward digital goods and includes a few more specialized deals that aren’t seen on other sites.

  • Amount Signed: None
  • Typically, cookies last about 60 days.
  • Minimum Payout: You may select between INR 760 (about) and higher.

Justification for Selecting ClickBank

  • The costs are substantial and vary according to the particular merchant you work with.
  • Weekly payments are on offer

7. Optimise

Because it partners with some of the most well-known companies, like Agoda, PayTM, Amazon, and Samsung, Optimise has established itself as the premier platform for affiliate marketing. It is perfect for individuals whose websites receive visits from other nations.

  • Amount Signed: None
  • Cookie lifecycle: 30 to 60 days
  • Payout Minimum: Determined by Advertisers

Why Pick Optimise, You Ask?

  • Provides on the dashboard real-time updates on sales and commissions.
  • Reveals information about your clients’ whereabouts and identities.
  • Grants competitive commission rates.
  • Quick payouts

8. Cuelinks

Because it provides a free WordPress plugin to make affiliate marketing simpler, it is the ideal platform for WordPress users. For the automated insertion of affiliate links to the pertinent term in your article, javascript is used.

  • Amount Signed: None
  • Cookie lifetime: seven days
  • Minimum Payment: 500 INR

The benefits of using Cuelinks

  • Ideal for reporting bulk data
  • Offers thorough audience insights
  • Allows access to lifetime link management tools

9. vCommission

Another top affiliate marketing platform that enjoys the confidence of more than 18,000 affiliates is vCommission. It has connections to well-known online retailers including Snapdeal, Agoda, Myntra, and AliExpress. The finest commission rates are offered by its over 14,000 publishers. Your website must only publish information in the English language, per vCommission requirements.

  • Amount Signed: None
  • Cookie lifespan: varies depending on the product
  • INR 5,000 Minimum Payout Threshold

What Makes vCommission the Best Option?

  • There are several product niches to select from.
  • Allows withdrawals every month.
  • The products determine the commission rates.

10. Hostgator Affiliate

Popular web hosting and associated service provider Hostgator. Therefore, you may advertise any hosting services, including shared, cloud, VPS, and WordPress. Every two months plus ten days following the month in which the sales occurred, withdrawals are permitted.

  • Amount Signed: None
  • Cookie lifecycle: 60 days
  • Minimum Payment: 3200 INR

The benefits of using Hostgator

  • Up to INR 1,250 is the typical commission fee per sale. The maximum is $3,000 per sale.
  • Dashboard showing clicks and commissions in real-time.
  • Having learned about the top affiliate marketing platforms, pick the one that best fits your content. Consider the interests of your blog’s
  • Readers follow a route that seems promising.

11. AWeber

One of the top affiliate programs in India in 2022 is AWeber if you want to get into newsletters and email drip marketing. Since it has been around since 1998 and provides the longest cookie life of a year, it is rather an oldie in this case. AWeber is a well-known option for you and has a user base of 1 million affiliates. The In-house program and CJ Affiliates are the two primary programs offered by this platform.

Why AWeber Is the Best Option:

  • AWeber’s internal program offers a lifetime 30% commission with prices ranging from $20 to $150.
  • Better commission caps may be found with CJ Affiliates because you can potentially make $300 per account.

12. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a digital marketing platform for all of your affiliate marketing preferences that you might not come across frequently in the twenty-first century. Due to its user-friendliness, it is quickly becoming one of the finest affiliate programs in India in 2022. In addition to many other capabilities, it contains email marketing, CRM, SMS, chat, and marketing automation. Additionally, there are distinct venues for agencies and bloggers. You receive a commission of €5 for new users and €100 for subscribers, and the cookie life is 90 days.

Why You Should Pick Sendinblue:

  • €100 for rewarding client recommendations
  • Provides a network of reputable affiliates, including Capterra, Emailtooltester, and others.

13. ConvertKit

ConvertKit, a highly targeted email marketing tool, is the list’s “black sheep” for the top affiliate programs in India in 2022. This is because the idea of letting people profit more from email marketing solutions than anything else is rather novel. Everyone may join for free, and the cookies last for a month.

  • ConvertKit offers a lifetime commission of 30% for referrals or webinar subscribers, which is one reason to select it.
  • ConvertKit’s entry-level subscriptions cost $29 a month up to $2,000.

14. GetResponse

One of the top affiliate programs in India for marketing automation tools in 2022 is GetResponse. Additionally, it provides CRM, landing sites, webinar hosting, and email marketing. It comes in two varieties: the Self-Hosted Program, which provides affiliates a recurring fee of 33% and plans that range from $15 to $1200 a month; and the CJ Affiliate, which allows affiliates to make $135 for each referral.

Reasons to Choose Getresponse is ideal for developing a balanced, all-encompassing marketing plan for your affiliate network.
You have a lot of options to try your hand at affiliate marketing because of the variety of the two schemes.

15. Fiverr

Another great affiliate scheme in India that you should take into account is the Fiverr Affiliate Program. In addition to being free for new sign-ups, it has a cookie life of one month. The commission ceiling for Fiverr is a little confusing because you may make between $15 and $50 through CPA and 30% on every sale for a Fiverr course. This is due to the fact that you may also advertise Fiverr’s primary marketplace as an exchange for your affiliate and profit from that by receiving an extra commission.

Why You Should Use Fiverr:

  • With lifelong attribution and limitless referrals, you can start earning right now.
  • To make the most of this, you will get access to free materials and an affiliate manager who will assist you at every turn.

16. Pabbly

An excellent affiliate platform with full marketing integration is Pabbly. Pabbly provides an effective, slick dashboard for all your progress trackers, from business to email marketing, app connection, workflow management, etc. Pabbly has a cookie life of one month and reoccurring commissions of 30%. Therefore, this is one of the greatest affiliate marketing programs if you’re seeking a location to use all new-age marketing techniques for your products and services.

Why You Should Pick Pabbly:

  • Within 40 days of the sale of the goods, you may start earning income by advertising.
  • It provides a single commission of $183 for each sale!

17. Rebound

Unbounce is an affiliate scheme that allows you to design customized landing pages for your niche market. These landing pages are carefully planned out to guarantee higher leads and earnings. It gives 20% recurring money as a reward for introducing new users and has a cookie life of three months.

Why You Should Pick Unbounce:

  • When your users sign up, they receive discounts of 20% for the first three months.
  • While studying affiliate marketing with Unbounce, you will have a dashboard, a personal coach, and a whole new level of tools at your disposal!

18. Constant Contact

Check out Constant Contact if you’re looking for the best affiliate programs for email marketing in India. It’s ideal for small businesses as an affiliate network because it handles Facebook and Instagram advertisements, email marketing, and new leads and users. You may effectively mix affiliate marketing with paid marketing in this way to test how your audience responds to it.

Why You Should Pick Constant Contact:

  • This platform has a two-month cookie lifespan.
  • Additionally, it provides a $5 bonus for each referral. Even better, affiliates receive $105 when referrals pay to open a new account on the site.

19. Systeme.io

Systeme.io is the finest for managing affiliate campaigns, email marketing, creating and maintaining online blogs, and so much more. It is one of the top-rated affiliate programs in India in 2022. 180 days is the cookie life span for Systeme.io. There are 6 options available, with prices beginning at $27 per month.

Reasons to select Systeme.io

  • You may earn 40% commissions as an affiliate for the rest of your life based on sales and subscriptions.
  • You may take advantage of this program’s six pricing tiers and user onboarding materials.

20. Outgrow

This top affiliate program, which focuses mostly on content, functions as a platform for content creation for your business. You may select from categories of tailored content including polls, calculators, chatbots, amusing tests, quizzes, suggestions, and more. Because it is more organic via content development, it is one of the finest affiliate programs in India in 2022.

Why Outgrow Is the Best Option:

  • Outgrow has a cookie life of around a month.
  • What’s even better is that affiliates have the opportunity to appear on the platform and may earn 20% upfront and 20% recurring revenue!

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